Online Marketing


Online marketing is a great way to promote your business to a potentially large and diverse audience and drives visitors to your website, without spending too many pounds.


It's important to understand what you need to be doing online and choosing the right combination of some of the following examples:

- Social Media

- Article Posting

- Blog Writing

- Email Marketing


- Online Paid Advertising

Traditional Marketing


It is important to identify a clear understanding of your brand and message. Wave Consultancy can help you with your message creation, branding, PR and Corporate Identity to ensure that you are communicating a clear brand and message.



No matter how impressive your visual brand, logos and marketing material are, without the right words behind it, it may not achieve full potential. 


I can provide my clients with a correct balance of words and content for all marketing material ensuring it communicates the right message.



A good marketing strategy typically involves using a variety of advertising channels. A combination of advertising tools works well and I can help you decipher which tools to use.


Some options are:

- Print

- Direct Marketing

- Online Advertising

Event Planning and Management


Planning your events can be extremely stressful and time consuming. I can manage this from start to finish ensuring that you are conveying the right message and seamless execution resulting in a professional brand image portrayed to your customers. 


There are no limitations on venues! I have held events at the top of the Cairngorm Mountains and on a sailing boat off the coast of Skye!

You choose the best mix for you

 I will help you chose the right marketing channels for your business, get you set up, give you the training you need to go ahead and manage it on your own.

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